Team work, loyalty, respect and sacrifice. These are the values in which METER has always believed, and thanks to this we are now known world-wide; because of this it is since 2006 the company is the main sponsor of Biella Rugby Club, who ingrain these same values in the work they do from junior to senior level.
The club is in fact a reality which promotes the values of rugby, uniting people with passion and enjoyment but above all respect towards the club and it's components.
Not by chance, the board of directors of the club still includes some of the original foundation players from 40 years ago, who now oversee a club with over 400 members.
The same principles helped us to construct and continue to manifest within METER, in which our growth is tightly aligned with the workers, their passion and their ability to be flexible within each of their roles. For this reason METER has dedicated and will continue to dedicate importance to its workforce, with a long term vision not solely focused on the business, but also the workers behind each and every individual product. 

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