We design and produce ball and cylindrical roller bearings for different uses, thanks to the experience, creativity and good skills of our staff. These elements, combined with our modern and flexible technology, guarantee the outstanding quality of Meter Bearings products. Our modern CAD Design systems allow us to select the geometric form of the bearings, as well as the steel properties, the type of heat treating and of the lubricants which are required for each specific use. We have selected an ultra-modern machinery for the production of our bearings. Thanks to research and development, which are applied to every single step of the manufacturing process, we can guarantee an excellent reliability in our products. Final assembly is carried out automatically in order to achieve higher quality and flexibility in our products. Besides the traditional control systems, we have developed a nondestructive production testing. This guarantees the integrity of our products and enables us to operate promptly on every single step of the production. The ongoing search for new technologies is supported by our quality control.
Certificate 14001